Golden Goose Token (GOLD) Withdrawal Notice
Golden Goose Token (GOLD) Withdrawal Notice
On 31th of July, Bithumb Global will list GOLD. Here is how to withdraw your GOLD from Golden Goose website to your personal ERC20 wallet.

[How to withdraw your GOLD]

1. Enter Golden Goose Website
2. Log in
3. Click 'MYPAGE'
4. Click 'Dashboard'
5. Click 'Withdrawal'
6. Enter your Log-in Password
7. Enter your ERC20 personal wallet address and amounts to withdraw
8. Check the information and click 'Accept'
9. Enter OTP code and click 'Confirm'
10. Withdrawal Completed
*It takes 24 hours to be sent to your personal wallet due to many requests.
*You can't deposit your GOLD token once you withdraw your GOLD, until we open deposit.
*You can't get any more Contribution Reward until we open deposit once you withdraw your GOLD.